About Us

If you want to learn more about me, you’re in the right place. Read to learn about my values and my story.


Learning never steps and there's always a way to do better. I'm constantly challenging myself to find new and better ways to do things.


Honesty and transparency are at my core. I value the relationship I have with my clients and I want to ensure that I can be trusted.


I feel that communication is a large part of what makes me successful. It's important to me that I gain approval from my clients often.

My story

I, Eamon Cusic Jr, am a technology enthusiast with over 3 years experience working as a web developer and digital marketer. I have always treated my clients like my family, and it’s important to me to note that they’re not just a number or an invoice to me.

I enjoy working on my own projects and business ideas as I am very much an online entrepreneur, however, I get the most rewarding experiences when I am helping others to achieve what they want online. I also love to teach others how I do what I do.

My Clients